HORIZON EUROPE and Framework Programmes

HORIZON EUROPE and Framework Programmes

Horizon Europe is the 9th Framework Programme of the European Union. With a budget of 95.5 billion euros for between 2021-2027, Horizon Europe aims to support scientific and innovative activities. The program is coordinated in our country by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

The European Union (EU) encourages all research activities in line with its goals to strengthen its scientific and technological foundation and enhance its competitiveness by creating a European research area where researchers and scientific knowledge and technology freely circulate. This incentive mechanism has been carried out through multi-annual R&D and innovation financial support created through framework programmes since 1984. Our country has been participating in the multi-annual framework programmes in the field of R&D and innovation since 2003.

The objectives of the Horizon Europe Program are to strengthen the EU scientifically and technologically; increase Europe's innovation capacity, competitiveness, and employment; meet societal priorities; and sustain Europe's socio-economic model and values.

The structure of the Horizon Europe Programme is similar to the Horizon 2020 Programme, divided into 3 components: Scientific Excellence, Global Challenges and Industrial Competition, and Innovative Europe. The sub-programs are planned to be harmonious and complementary with each other and other Union Programs. The concepts of open science and open innovation will be applied to the entire program.

As part of the Horizon Europe Programme, the European Commission has created missions to better explain the EU Framework Programmes to the public and to be evaluated within measurable targets. The missions aim to provide solutions to certain challenges with a specific budget and timeframe. The 5 missions identified by the Commission are as follows:

  1. Cancer Mission
  2. Climate Change Mission
  3. Ocean and Waters Mission
  4. Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission
  5. Soil Health and Food Mission

Who Can Apply to Horizon Europe?

Any natural or legal person (SMEs, industrial organizations, research centers, universities, public institutions, non-profit organizations) with the operational and financial eligibility to carry out the R&D tasks specified in a proposed project can apply to the Horizon Europe Programme.

While a significant portion of the program consists of areas supported by multi-partner actions composed of at least three different organizations, there are also single beneficiary project proposal calls that organizations can apply for on their own, such as Pioneer Research Funds, Marie Sklodowska-Curie International Scholarships and Research Grants, awards, and the European Innovation Council.

For detailed information on Horizon Europe, please visit: Horizon Europe-European Commission

For all calls, please visit: Funding and Tenders-European Commission

For TÜBİTAK's page, please visit:

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