Our Internationalization Strategy and Offices

Our Internationalization Strategy and Offices

Gebze Technical University aims to conduct its activities at the international level and contribute to academia with all its activities. In line with this goal, the first step to institutionalization was the establishment of GTU Foreign Affairs Office. With the growing structure and needs of our university, the scope of the activities carried out within the Foreign Affairs Office has been expanded and diversified. In 2023, the International Relations Coordination Office was established to further enhance and diversify the scope of these activities, bringing together various services conducted in different divisions under a unified umbrella.

Based on its objective of maximizing the academic competitiveness and international visibility of Gebze Technical University, the GTU International Relations Coordination Office, along with the International Projects Office, International Exchange Programs Office, and International Cooperation Office under its umbrella, conducts activities facilitating participation in international projects, bilateral collaborations; the enrichment of the international experiences of GTU students and faculty members; the providing of opportunities for qualified international students and academics to engage in educational and research activities under the GTU umbrella.  

International Cooperation Office:  

The International Cooperation Office supports incoming foreign students, researchers, and academics by promoting our university and providing assistance to all other offices for any kind of international collaboration and partnerships.

International Exchange Programs Office:

The International Exchange Programs Office administers student and staff exchange programs within the framework of the Erasmus+ program implemented by the European Commission, as well as the Farabi and Mevlana programs implemented by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and special agreements.

International Projects Office: 

The International Projects Office operates to increase the number and quality of European Union and other international projects; to track projects and collaborations related to grants and funding; to provide support for researchers in their areas of need; to support information, promotion, awareness, and educational activities; to also organize these activities.

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